Who we are

Tawasol Center is one of the projects of Contact Medical Centers Company Limited. It has been established to provide efficient solution for covering the needs of the (individuals with disabilities) in many fields such as instantaneous translation in sign language for the deaf individuals by means of using the latest technologies via mobile systems at the contact center and instantaneous translation points that are scattered in many sectors dealing with the deaf individuals (such as hospitals, courts, police centers and universities). This is in addition to the training and prequalification of the deaf individuals for the labor market through training centers certified by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training. Also we provide the comprehensive access service to other types of disabilities.

Also we provide many other services to the governmental and private agencies and departments including training on the sign language, translation service in sign language, formation of the specialized sign language dictionaries, production of films and programs and other services that are within the scope of this specialty.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make their life easy.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to communicate and get access to the individuals with disabilities and their community.

Our Goals

To establish new invented channels that are used internationally to communicate with the deaf individuals.
To establish environments that are appropriate for those with disability (comprehensive access).
To prequalify the deaf individuals for the labor market via the training and learning
To achieve the entire independence for the individuals with special needs
To train the agencies and departments dealing with the individuals with disabilities by means of forming efficient partnerships with them.

Our Strategy

The application of the international scientific and academic criteria in achieving our goals.

Deafness – Difficulties and Challenges

The deafness issue poses general problem and efforts are made to address such problem but the matter has yet to be able in dealing and addressing this issue from all sides. So the only party suffering from this issue is the community which has missed the contribution of this key category of the community as they jail themselves behind their disability. They have become as closed indifferent society among their families or their disabled colleagues.

The difference of sign language from one area to other

Reading and writing in Arabic language is weak

The number of the deaf individuals in Saudi Arabia is 900 thousand

There is only one certified sign language translator against each 120 thousand deaf individuals at three official departments.

Visual Instantaneous Translation for Deaf Individuals via Contact Center (Tawasol)
It is remote instantaneous translation point from and to the sign language so as to serve the deaf individuals via the visual contact method at the contact center by means of special contact systems at Tawasol Center. Many certified professional sign language translators are providing the instantaneous translation for the deaf individuals together with the service provider in a way that the deaf individuals may not need to accompany the translator. By this way the deaf individual will get more privacy and to feel more confident and independent.
Providing all translation services related to the deaf individuals under supervision of selected professional translators who are certified by the official governmental authorities
We provide all services of translation from and to the sign language to the deaf individuals under the supervision of local national professional translators who are certified by the official governmental authorities.

Comprehensive Access to all Individuals with Disability
It means the rehabilitation of the institutions so as to be appropriate for receiving the individuals with disability by means of providing these institutions with specialized sound guidance routes that can help to guide the blind individuals besides building toilets, establishing the sloping areas for those using the mobile chairs and to provide all matters that can make the institution as good environment and friend for the individuals with disability.

Training and Prequalification of Deaf Individuals for the Labor Market
As the company believes in the value of the training and prequalification of deaf individuals for the labor market therefore specialized institute has been established for this category of individuals, which is recognized by the General Organization for Technical & Vocational Training (Training Institute of Original Sign) and such institute is providing various types of training course that may prequalify the deaf and weak hearing individuals for the labor market besides holding courses in the sign language for the interested people and departments.

Holding Basic and Specialized Training Courses in Sign Language
We have team of experts who are specialist in the Saudi, Arab and international sign languages. Such team holds training courses in the sign language at all departments dealing with the deaf individuals at their work place and for those individuals who are interested in learning the sign language – general and specialized sign language in many areas such as medicine and banks.

Establishment of General and Specialized Sign Language Dictionaries
We provide the service for the establishment of educational sign language dictionaries at all sectors under the supervision of consultative committee composing of sign language experts for the deaf individuals and via special studios that are equipped with the latest imagery machines.

Production of Visual, Cognitive and Scientific Content
We have at Tawasol center studios that are equipped for providing the educational & orientation videos that can be used by many public and private sectors such as public security, telecommunications companies, hospitals, banks and other service providers.

Available Sign Languages

Saudi local sign language

Consolidated Arab sign language

Gulf sign language (Qatari, Emirate, Bahraini and Omani)

Egyptian sign language

Jordanian sign language

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